Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City ★½

The Resident Evil Games are definitely not for everyone. I wouldn’t really consider myself a huge fan of them but they’re decent. I can’t say the same for the movies though because they’ve all sucked thus far in my opinion. I was very cautiously optimistic about a reboot because I thought this series could use one. However I was very suspicious of them combining two games into one movie so I got worried about that. I still thought it looked like a decent film though despite them having an odd song choice for the trailer. 

I will say that the sets in this movie were pretty cool at times. It definitely resembles the games at times with the way the mansion or police station are designed actually made it look somewhat accurate here. The film definitely tried to shove in a lot of story from the first two games though and it just didn’t work here. The story is told in such a boring and cliche way that it’s hard to care about any of the characters. It felt like the story was being told like some generic zombie horror movie rather than actually focusing on the interesting parts of the Resident Evil story. Not that the Resident Evil story was ever the most interesting but definitely more so than what this movie would have you believe. The acting wasn’t exactly anything to get excited about either. Kaya Scodelario was fine I guess but was kind of one note with her performance as Claire our main character. Yeah we focused on the orphanage and how she was separated from her brother but it felt so lifeless here because there was no emotion behind this story. I know this is a story about zombies and the other stuff isn’t really the meat of the story but it still didn’t change that this part of the story was boring and not well portrayed. Robbie Amell was a decent Chris even though he and his sister’s interactions are completely dead inside without any real feelings of caring from either party in this case. It felt like no time was invested in making sure the script made the audience care about why these two being separated was such a big deal. Avan Jogia was a decent Leon too even if his lines were pretty bad too. Jogia makes them work though as he’s always been very charming to me and I’m glad he’s been getting more work recently since he’s an actor that has a promising career in my opinion. The scares are very minimal here but they’re all very lame. Even when the characters are fighting zombies, it’s so standard and generic that it really could’ve been any zombie movie but the Resident Evil name was just put in there. It’s just all so lazily put together and it makes the story extremely forgettable. The climax of the film too was extremely lame and it looks like it’s setting up a sequel but I honestly think I’m done with this series now because I haven’t really liked any of them and this reboot didn’t help at all. It gave me no hope that this series will ever be adaptable into a film because I don’t think it was ever meant to be. 

Conclusion: A very clunky and disappointing mess of a reboot. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular but this was just so forgettable and felt like any other zombie movie you’ve seen before. I kind of hope the Resident Evil film series will just stay dead now because this was not a good start to a potential franchise at all. Just stick to the games because they’re more fun and entertaining than this could ever be. 


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