A Star Is Born ★★★★

Performances are exceptional. The singing, and production design that comes along with it, is remarkable. Yet, something feels slightly off overall. I wasn’t completely convinced about the medium length, somewhat disorienting, hand-held camera shots that permeated through most of the runtime. The pacing also feels a little bit off, but the emotional profundity still resonates nicely. Character development is fine - the connection and chemistry between Cooper and Gaga is super impressive - but I was left yearning for a little more. I loved the first half a lot. Not to say that the inevitable decline was bad - it was certainly gut-wrenching - it’s just there was one tiny piece of the puzzle missing. That one thing that could’ve taken Cooper’s directorial debut to a whole other level. A Star is Born is still a fine work of cinema, and certainly merits the praise, but I think it could easily have been even better.