The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★½

Too much to say, so I’ll try and boil it down to just a couple of points.

1.This movie is such a serotonin boost. The 4.5 is honestly a placeholder, but this was just everything I wanted and then some. The way animated films directed/written/produced by Lord and Miller emanate such warmth and heart will never not be meaningful to me.

2.Another thing I love about Lord and Miller productions are the way tropes are handled. Here, I really liked how the film communicates not just the dangers technology are capable of but also the ways in which it is a gift, something that is genuinely innovative and can be used to bring us together. 

3.I don’t know if could resonate with a movie more if I could right now. A dysfunctional family is thrust into a seemingly world ending (or at the very least changing) situation? And a young adult protagonist is forced to push pause on her dreams and makes sure her relationships are intact? It’s literally been my life for the last year, and there are quite a few moments where this landed way harder for me than expected. 

4.Add this to the list of movies that would have been dynamite to watch in theaters, especially with a crowd. That said, I’m happy Netflix is making this available for all subscribers to watch because it’s such a blast.

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