Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

I like a good zombie movie and I like a good heist flick so the idea of combining those two genres together was not intrinsically a bad idea but then, unfortunately, Zack Snyder gets a hold of a pen and paper and you've got a clusterfuck of immense magnitude.

Dave Bautista once again proves he can pull off the action hero role and he also proves he has some dramatic chops, but the problem with that here is Zack Snyder throwing in these dramatic moments at points in the film that cause you to scream "What the fuck are you guys doing? For fuck's sake run!" The character of Bautista's daughter is so terrible that you can't help but pray for her death, which will go unanswered, and the basic plot to the heist makes little to no sense once the big "reveal" from Garret Dillahunt arrives. Also, if you are going to rip off plot elements from James Cameron's Aliens why would you cast someone like Garret Dillahunt? He's so obviously evil and on his own agenda that he might as well be twirling his mustache.

What's truly a shame is the opening fall of Las Vegas was pretty spectacular but once the actual movie starts to unfold, where we are introduced to a collection of morons and idiots, any sense of danger is gone because they all bloody-well deserve to die.

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