We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★½

In preparation for the highly anticipated "You Were Never Really Here", which has been receiving rave reviews, I decided to finally check out Lynn Ramsay's filmography, starting with her most popular film, "We Need to Talk About Kevin"

So far I have to say, I'm not very impressed. We Need to Talk About Kevin is a film that treads interesting waters and creates an unsettling sense of paranoia through the eyes of an unstable mother looking back on her difficult relationship her mentally ill (heavily implied) son and how her choices lead him down a path to darkness.

While the film features some very impressive performances, particularly from Ezra Miller, and maintains a unique atmosphere, it's overall portrayal of its difficult subject matter was insensitive and somewhat shallow in my opinion.

In terms of realism, especially in stories such as this, you can't villianize a character without humanizing them first. Unfortunately I found both Kevin, and his mother to a certain to degree, to be one note and somewhat lacking in depth, making it hard to feel an emotional connection to the tragic story at hand.

My biggest issue is that this tackles difficult subject matter, without having anything substantial to say about it.

Was very disappointed by this, hopefully I enjoy Ratcatcher more