Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★½

Dazed and Confused
is a great 90s stoner comedy from Richard Linklater. This film was definitely hilarious. I had really fun time with this movie. There were many funny moments throughout it. The characters were great. There were many great performances in the film as well. Matthew McConaughey was absolutely hilarious in the film. He was probably the stand out. Sure he wasn’t in it that much but when he was on screen he was spectacular and really funny. Ben Affleck was also really good in this film. Again he wasn’t in this film a lot. Though he was still really good and also pretty funny in the film. Sure his character was the stereotypical bully but Affleck did a great job at portraying that. The same could be said about McConaughey’s character. He was definitely the stereotypical stoner but he added his own flare to the character that only he could do. Heck basically all of the characters were stereotypical but that didn’t bother me. The film utilized each character in a pretty good way. I won’t say that this is the most original or unique film but it was definitely a lot of fun. The screenplay was was really great. There was really good and memorable dialogue in the movie. All of the characters had great chemistry between each other. Most of the best parts of the film just involved characters talking. It’s definitely one of those films that doesn’t really have a plot. It is more revolved around the characters and the dialogue. I liked that about the film. Sometimes if felt a little messy because of how many characters there were but not really big problem. Usually it did a good job at going back and forth between each character. It did do a great job at bringing to the time period. In this case being the 70s. The soundtrack was amazing. It definitely fit the film really well and helped transport you to that time period. It wasn’t super fast paced but I didn’t mind that for this film. It felt more chill and relaxed for the most part. I can see why that would make people not like the film especially if you hate slower paced films. Sometimes I don’t like more slow paced movies but it didn’t bother me with this film. The direction from Richard Linklater was really good. I just found this film to be really enjoyable and funny. It had some really good characters. There were some great moments throughout the film. I just had a really good time with it. Overall Dazed and Confused is a really enjoyable and relaxing comedy with some great characters and really good/funny dialogue.
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