Hero ★★★★½

“Our Land”
Wow I did not expect this to be that good. Like I excepted to be a really cool movie with really cool action but it was so much more than that. Don’t get me wrong the action is fantastic but this was just such a beautiful movie. It’s so powerful and I was engrossed in the story from the start. The direction is spectacular. The action scenes are so well done. The cinematography is so beautiful. I couldn’t get more of it. Just so good. The acting is amazing. Jet Li is awesome. He does a great job at playing the vengeful assassin. Tony Leung is so so good. I actually mainly watched this because I really liked his performance in Shang-Chi and wanted to see some of other works. Definitely worth it. He was great. The whole cast is seriously great. Did not really expect that. The characters are actually very well fleshed out especially by the end. The story has some great twists too and I love the way it was all told. It’s an awesome martial arts film but it’s also so much more than just that. It’s just a beautiful movie. I don’t know even know how to put it into words. The themes are amazing. The end is just wow. Did not expect to be as emotional as I was while watching this. More people need to see this. It’s just fantastic. It’s got everything you want from a film. Great action, great visuals, great themes, great writing, great acting, great characters, and just great everything. My only small complaint is there are some silly/dated parts mostly in some of the action scenes but that’s not very prominent. Just noticed that a few times. But it’s really just so good. The story was so enthralling and I loved how it all unfolded. The way they ended each character was just so beautiful. Ugh this is just such a good film. The pacing is great too. It’s kind of slowly paced I guess but I was never and I mean never bored. This definitely inspired me to watch more martial arts films and more Asian cinema in general. Watch this please! It deserves to be seen! I don’t know what else to say. Maybe some of the ways the themes were done was kind of weird too at the end but idk it still really hit me hard. There’s probably more to me said but I’m just so overwhelmed but how good this movie is! Just see it! Has some of the most beautiful action scenes I’ve seen. That’s all.

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