Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Sound of Metal
is an amazing film and is one of the best of the year. I had fairly high expectations for this and it did not disappoint. Riz Ahmed is incredible here. He gives an Oscar worthy performance. Like he’s on another ms el here. I really hope he gets nominated. Paul Raci is also incredible. I also believe he should be nominated. Olivia Cooke is pretty good as well. I don’t think she gives an Oscar nom worthy performance but she is definitely good. Other than Ahmed’s performance, the best thing about the film is the sound. It makes you feel like your deaf. It’s sometimes painful to listen to but they just did such a good job with. If it doesn’t get nominated for sound, I will have no clue what is wrong with the academy. It’s a well directed film. The cinematography is really great. The film really is character driven. I really cared and was invested in Ahmed’s character. If they didn’t get the right actor, this could’ve been a failure. Thankfully they got the perfect choice. He’s just mind blowing here. It’s a really sad movie and it’s a pretty tough watch to be honest. It’s not without it’s slower moments but for the most i part I was really enthralled by the story. There are definitely some moments that could’ve been cut out. It could’ve been benefited from a shorter runtime as well still this is truly incredible. It definitely deserves the praise that it’s getting. It would be nice for this to get a best picture nomination but that definitely won’t happen sadly. It’s a very hard hitting movie. It tackles a very important topic that honestly just doesn’t get talked about enough in movies. It’s definitely one of my favorite films of the year. I do prefer a few over it but it’s just so amazing. I’d definitely recommend it. Really glad this is all this attention. I weirdly don’t got much else to say. Just watch the film and form your own opinion! Overall Sound of Metal is just a phenomenal movie with a breathtaking performance from Riz Ahmed.

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