Memories of Murder ★★★★★

The original and unique aspect of “Memories of Murder” is the way in which the protagonists, so inside the brutal systems of the Government for which they work, are completely unaware of the injustices they continue to inflict on their compatriots, whom they always wrongly accuse.

The main interest of "Memories of Murder" is not so much to solve a mystery (remember that, at the time the film was made, the murders on which the work was based had not yet been solved, since the real serial killer was only framed in summer 2019) as to paint a picture of an evolving society between the end of a dictatorship and the beginning of something new.

Bong is almost reluctant to let go of satisfying answers for the viewer and definitive answers for his characters, and unlike other films in the genre, he elaborates a hanging, melancholy ending somewhere between memory and dream.

Bong Joon-ho signs an iconic thriller that investigates the evolution of his detective protagonists grappling not so much with the hunt for a mysterious serial killer, but with the final stages of a military dictatorship and the chaos that agitated the entire country.