Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently ★★★★★

This time I am reviewing the 2010 UK Television serial by Damon Thomas (1 pilot episode 2010) + Tom Shankland (3 episodes 2012).
4x57 minutes this time.

Everything I wrote about Douglas Adams and his literary output in the last review is still standing as background for this, too.

In british Dirk Gently:
Dirk Gently is played by Stephen Mangan.
Richard MacDuff is played by Darren Boyd.
Janice Pearce is played by Lisa Jackson.
DI Gilks is played by Jason Watkins.

The british serial is played out in London and Cambridge.
The stories are as insane as in the american serial, but the madness is much more pronounced english. The 1987 source novel and its four successors has nothing more to do with the english serial than the american one.

Everything is brilliantly insane in an almost normal way.

10/10 on first watch for this too.

I wonder what I will think about eventual rewatches.
I believe both serials are very worthy of Douglas Adams's original novels.
Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett are sorely missed.

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