Old ★½

I still can't believe how terrible this was. The source material and the ideas were there, and they were very original and interesting, but the execution was just abysmal. It's such a shame that the script was that ridiculous. The dialogues, man, they felt like taken out of a Hallmark Channel movie, not to mention the terrible acting from all the cast. I mean, it has a top-notch cast, but the script is so bad that it felt like this was their first appearance in a movie. There's no actual tension throughout the film. Not even the score helped to build it.

All reactions and expressions felt unnatural and weak. Vicky Krieps, what happened with you? And for those saying that the movie "helped you on valuing life and time", please, tell me how that happened?

"It has the right amount of body horror" I've read... I hope you don't ever come across a David Cronenberg film... and the twist at the end? I won't say it was too predictable, but the minute you see those lights and that little guy on top of the hill you can start reducing everything to an experiment.

The only positive thing is this part where one of the characters mentions something about collective psychosis, which practically has been the last year and a half for the whole world.

So bad I'm still mad...

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