@ Beyond Fest.
I’m going to cry myself to sleep every night until LUZ gets distributed in the U.S. so I can force all my friends to watch this. Such a fantastic little gem of a movie. The filmmakers do so much with so little. The sound design is masterful and haunting. An unrelenting, hypnotic soundtrack. All of the actors have an otherworldly quality to their performances. Julia Riedler is particularly fantastic. The rough 16mm grain pairs so nicely with the drab, mute color palette of the set design. The space LUZ lives in is wholly unique and captivating. It’s definitely one of those films that is all about the experience. It’s all mood and feel. I like how open-ended and loose the story is, but I can see how it will most likely frustrate many viewers. Its pacing is slow and methodical, but its run time is a brisk 70 minutes. LUZ doesn’t overstay its welcome. I left the theater wanting more (in the best way). Whatever Tilman Singer directs next, I’m on board.