Nobody's Fool ★★★★

I should have known better than to hire a one-legged lawyer.

Despite the film's great supporting cast this is still Paul Newman's one man show. It's one of those performances that you can't imagine another actor in the role because you wouldn't want to see anyone else in it. You just want to see more Newman.

He's Donald "Sully" Sullivan, a man that's made it through life by mostly only looking out for himself. Never there for loved ones, resulting in an ex wife, estranged son and unknown grandchildren.

Any other film would have him finally see the error of his ways and make grand changes in his life to make up for the life he's lead. Sully however has known the error of his ways for a very long time, maybe from the very beginning.

There is no epiphany here even though he tries to make things right... sorta... in his own way. That's what makes it so endearing and makes Sully feel like a real person instead of a stereotypical character you'd find in a dramady. Newman doesn't play the character with regret, but instead a charming humility that you can't help but love.