Safety Not Guaranteed ★★★½

Alright give me the lesbian and the Indian and I got a story!

While I wasn't as blown away as most people, I have to say that for a film based on a 1997 filler ad from Blackwoods Home Magazine, this film is quite remarkable. The original ad was a joke, looking for someone to go back in time with, but the film's premise is that someone real posted the ad. Knowing the story's origins, you're almost forced to watch it to at least see how it all turns out as a film.

I like Aubrey Plaza and her deadpan comedic stylings. She doesn't have much range, but if you like her on Parks and Recreation then you'll probably like her here as well. It's basically the same character except with a bit more heart. Mark Duplass does a great job in the "crazy guy that doesn't know he's crazy" role.

The main plot is predictable , but every rom-com is, including the greatest ones. You know the destination the film is going to, the question is whether or not the journey there is worthwhile. It's funny and quirky enough that I think it is.

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