Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

I try to distance myself, tactfully, from the camp of elitists who always tout the position that “the book is better than the movie!”; sometimes I do agree with this position, and other times I don’t, but when Ready Player One came out, I was a bit leery of seeing it, mainly because I had recently finished the source novel and was burnt out from all the pop culture references in it, but also because everything I saw from the trailers wasn’t impressing me like the book did overall, and so after (finally) watching the film, it kinda feels like my leeriness was correctly placed; it’s a so-so adaptation that doesn’t take full advantage of its source material to create something really memorable, instead settling for shallow pop culture grab upon pop culture grab to dazzle the filmgoers eyes and hope that it’s enough so that they don’t notice that there’s not a whole lot of plot driving the film. Points I’ll give to Ernest Cline for helping write the screenplay, because if you write the source material and then directly help in adapting said material, you should have some license in changing/streamlining whatever you want to better fit the film, but too much was changed between book and film to really make it worth one’s while. 
This review shouldn’t be read as a detriment or deterrent to see the film; despite my misgivings I still enjoyed watching it, and I did get a kick out of the Shining sequence about halfway through, but really take this review as a friendly reminder to temper your expectations before going into this, and a light lamentation that this film could’ve been so much more than what we get here. Three and a half stars out of five from me, and a solid “meh” and shoulder shrug. Moving right along...

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