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  • Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud


    It feels like an apology. Perhaps even penance. Pop quiz; John Landis directed a string of cult hits early in his career, culminating with An American Werewolf in London. His next project - a segment from Twilight Zone: The Movie - was nothing short of tragic; a disastrous on set accident took the lives of actor Vic Morrow and child performers Renee Shinn Chen and Myca Dinh Le. Allegedly Landis - in his arrogance - was responsible. 

    Shadow in the…

  • Honeydew



    Without question one of the most disquieting and atmospheric slices of backwoods bewilderment in recent memory, the mystifyingly named Honeydew remains tense and unsettling from beginning to end. Grimly fascinating in that abhorrent car crash manner, it mixes the tried and tested ‘city slickers vs country folk’ tropes with body horror and hallucinogenic trippyness. 

    Seemingly shot in grainy, desaturated 16mm there’s an air of 1970s grindhouse about director Devereux Milburn’s feature length debut. However whilst taking time to establish the…

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  • Tenet



    Christopher Nolan won’t make a bad film. The worst he’ll do is simply make another one. Tenet falls somewhere in between; a sumptuous, globe-trotting mega puzzle which for all its slick, brain bending action and narrative audacity, often teeters on the brink of self parody. Imagine a deathly humourless cross between Memento and Inception and you’re almost there.

    John David Washington is ‘The Protagonist’, a somber CIA operative embroiled in top secret international espionage. At the outset he is trying…

  • Possessor



    Tasya Vos isn’t feeling herself. In fact, few people are in Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor. As played (with detached intensity) by Andrea Riseborough, Vos is an assassin but not in the traditional sense; using arcane equipment, Vos’ shadowy employers can transport her mind into that of an unknowing host and have her carry out these assassinations in their body. Job done, Vos forces the host to commit suicide and she’s outta there. 

    Her employer (quietly underplayed by the ageless Jennifer Jason…