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I do my very best to see all the movies.

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  • Andrei Rublev
  • Au Hasard Balthazar
  • Persona
  • Viridiana

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  • Starve


  • Diary of a Country Priest


  • Butchers


  • Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer


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  • Dune



    Can I just say something?
    *deep breath*

    Yeah, I liked Firefly when I saw it, but I can't seem to escape the haunting specter of its screenplay when it comes to blockbusters. Thankfully, Denis Villeneuve imports high gravitas, mythic pathos, and Golden Age dialogue delivery into the desert planet of Arrakis in his reboot of the obvious inspiration for Star Wars: Dune.


  • Solaris



    Andrei Tarkovsky.

    He Who Shaped in Time.

    The Artist who emphatically employed as protean visual conceit the formless element Water as effortlessly as his poet father employed simile and syncopated syllables.

    Depending on *which* masterpiece of Andrei's you appreciate, you wrestle with a different shape of Proteus while you search for meaning on the proverbial Pharos island shores; different contextual expressions bolster and fortify each masterwork's employment of H20.

    In the opening sequence of Solaris, the surface of a gently…

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  • Starve


    There is nothing like a mid day Tubi trash treat for connoiseurs of garbage, i.e. my Better Half (self proclaimed raccoon) and Yours Truly (self proclaimed possum). In this particular wunder kino, Starve, approximately 3 insufferable idiots are trapped in a game of death, with disembodied non-subtle Jigsaw voice cajoling, demoralizing and guiding the idiots into Mano E Mano fisticuffs 2 the death contests against whacky randos for plates of food. Yeah.

    As I stood up near the end of…

  • Diary of a Country Priest

    Diary of a Country Priest


    Diary of a Country Priest.

    Tarko's favorite movie, his #1.

    I managed to finish this challenging, morose picture in one sitting despite feeling near constant dread; upon conclusion, all of a sudden, I had a new perspective on Solaris, Mirror, Stalker, Nostalghia, and my favorite film of all time, Andrei Roublev. Bresson's minimal, spare tale of a country priest journaling his struggles with crippling stomach pain and an unruly congregation formulates Tarko's artistic mission with precise brevity. Bresson captures a…

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  • Q: Into the Storm

    Q: Into the Storm


    A sobering work of investigative journalism, Q: Into the Storm breathed some hope into my taste for modern documentaries. Although procedurally quite fair to its subjects, the film can feel a bit of a puff-piece to some incorrigible folks; clearly Mr. Cullen trusts his audiences to form their own opinions about the twisted subject-jesters that love to dance in the dark muck of the DMZ between free speech and words of violent incitement.

    Why is the film successful then, in…

  • Manhunter



    Finally, I have reached the Spheres of Heaven after climbing the hills of Tubi Purgatorio...and the grand, silent voice of God came to me in a sleepless night where I was flipping through Shudder and noticed a movie that simply didn't belong on the platform: Manhunter.

    Within 5 minutes of the opening of the film I had fallen in love, and 45 minutes in I decided to start it over with my wife the following morning. Michael Mann creates a…