Possessor ★★★★

Baby Cronenberg's big day out, Possessor sees the Cronenjunior cinematically explore the unhealthy work-life balance of a career woman who loves her job maybe a little more than her family, in the same crazy, violent, sexy way Big David would explore ideas like motherhood, transhumanism, television dissemination, identity and the creative process.

Also similar to his pop-pop, Brandon includes a shadowy, powerful corporation that provides equal turns of doubt, control and security for our protagonist, as she struggles with the 9-5 doldrums of the bodysnatching assassin business.

The essential plot involves a woman who possesses human bodies to get close to, and then assassinate, targets designated by her organization. Instead of leaning into the obvious spy-thriller stuff, Cronenbaby does Cronenberg things; our Femme Fatale is struggling with work life balance, feelings of impostor syndrome and burnout. These appreciable feelings that many of us can attest to, are horrifically warped, cinematically explored and ultimately transfigured into sources of genuinely shocking, surreal body-horror.

Full of his father's emotional detachment and outrageous gore, Brandon Cronenberg seems fit to carry his father's torch. So long as he carries the flame to illuminate the darkest parts of our experience, to flesh them out with gobs of flesh, I think he will have a beautifully disgusting career of gross, shocking works of underground cinema 🎥 💀🧠

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