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  • Nobody



    The new season of Better Call Saul is amazing.

  • Pump Up the Volume

    Pump Up the Volume


    "This is the problem with free speech!"

    Relatively forgotten gem in the Christian Slater filmography that still holds up as a relevant slice of teen angst and political shit-stirring. And perhaps that was the problem; effectively, it's aiming at two audiences at once - a generation apart, at that.

    Slater plays a frustrated introvert, struggling with teenage life by day.... but comes alive at night via the radio-waves under the pseudonym of Harry Hard-on, where he waxes frankly, and brutally,…

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  • Street Fighter

    Street Fighter


    Lets not fool ourselves here - Street Fighter is a piece of shit.
    But I'll be damned if time isn't being kind to this car crash. Watching it as a straight comedy last night in a packed cinema, it was a hoot.

    Things that are bad about Street Fighter = Everything.

    Things that are amazing in Street Fighter =

    - Raul Julia's straight delivery of a proposterous script.
    - Van Damme's inspirational call to arms.
    - Van Damme calling Bison…

  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Damn, Train to Busan. I don't know what to say.
    It's an emotional rollercoaster, that's for sure. A slow start quickly gives way to an adrenaline packed, emotionally wrenching horror movie. Although to be more accurate, this ain't no ordinary horror movie; it's an action movie, a disaster movie & a family drama all in one.

    Zombies on a train is such a cool idea (Horror Express already proved this) - I mean, where do you escape to?…