Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★½

Escape From New York is so damn cool.
It shouldn't be, of course; it's very silly, after all. The dialog is corny, the costumes are laughable and the effects are on another level of crap but John Carpenter side-steps all of that by presenting a film full of ripe mythology and cool characterisation.

While Kurt Russell delivers one of his best performances (arguably his best ever character, too), the film is full of memorable characters, from the ridiculous Duke of New York, to Ernest Borgnine's Cabbie, to Adrienne Barbeau's boobs; they all shine but standing tall above them all is the irreplaceable Harry Dean Stanton as Brain. His character isn't cool, in fact he's a borderline villain and written to be such a jerk that you should hate him but it's a testament to Stanton's natural charisma that the character comes off almost as cool as Plisskin.

RIP Harry Dean Stanton - truly one of the all time greats.
A unique force that cannot be replaced.
Cinema is gonna be a far less cool place without him.

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