Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

The last time I watched this I'd been awake for nearly two days straight. I'd just traveled from London to LA and my buddy who I was staying with worked at The Chinese Theatre and while I was waiting for his shift to end, I caught Suicide Squad and I thought it was terrible.
However, I did find the final fifteen minutes hilarious enough to doubt my own delirious state of mind so I was mildly intrigued to see if it held up. Perhaps I was just too tired to enjoy it that day. Or perhaps it really was that bad and by the end I had in fact started to go a little bit crazy due to sleep deprivation. Who knows. The only way I could find out was to do it all over again.

The result:

I understood this movie perfectly the first time around. It's a tacky, boring, loud rip-off of John Carpenter's Escape From New York; full of obnoxious 1-note characters, dodgy CGI and a fucking terrible soundtrack. The movie is real chore to sit through, barely scraping by on the charisma of Will Smith & Margot Robbie.

However, the final fifteen minutes are still hilarious. I can even pin-point the exact moment the movie flips into hot steaming hilarious garbage territory...... and it's when Diablo say's:

“"I already lost one family esé, I'm not about to lose anutha!"

Which leads directly into a ten minute long clusterfuck of bad CGI, piss-poor dialog and an absurd level of slo-mo that cranks up the cheese levels into overdrive. It's fucking glorious and just as ridiculous as it was first time and almost makes the preceding 2 hours worth it.

Yeah, sleep delirium or no - my reaction to Suicide Squad remains the same. It's craptastic but strangely likeable. The film does everything wrong, and the pacing is waaaaay off the mark but it scrapes by on the sheer force of its unique personality.

In all seriousness though, John Carpenter should sue.

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