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  • A Hatful of Rain

    A Hatful of Rain


    Italian DVD (wrong aspect ratio but OK quality)

    Why is this movie so hard to find? Yes, there is a copy on Youtube (correct aspect ratio but poor quality), but just saying there’s no physical media available. And no good copy available.

    Brilliant location shooting. It really shines out in the streets and the exteriors of the housing complex where are main characters live. Who knew Robert Moses would be the poet of architecture for junkies? There’s a lot to…

  • Charade



    Criterion BD UK release Feb 2021

    Finally someone gets it right! Lovely, involving copy and a newly cleaned up mono track where you can hear all the foley and ADR. And Mancini’s essential score seems to thrive in mono. Don’t ask me why all this helps the movie, but it does. At least for me. It was like watching it for the first time.

    And they even cleaned up the commentary track.

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  • Mank



    On Netflix

    There’s a lot to talk about here. 

    First, this is Fincher and his team at their best.

    Then, the change-over marks and optical track noise are genius additions. There is a lot of fun being had here with a movie about movie-making

    But it is the focus on Upton Sinclair’s campaign for California governor and the birth of right-wing media manipulation that is the beating heart of this film. In some ways it is the heart of KANE…

  • Bacurau



    On the MUBI channel on Amazon Prime. Very HD copy.

    So I think I would be far from the first person to cite the John Carpenter influences at work here. In that spirit I would say: Dear Filmmakers, Carpenter created one franchise but he never made a franchise film.  In fact,  he never made the same film twice. So when we hear the star evil baddy yell “This is just the beginning!” let’s all see if these filmmakers can resist…