Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Incredible, not only for its inherent artistry, but also because it represents such a major achievement for Snyder; I imagine that this year has been such a cathartic one for him as a filmmaker. Of course, nothing can evaporate the personal and professional tragedies he's had over the last few years, but between Justice League and Army of the Dead, I can't imagine another director having as successful a year.

The Dream lens makes the film ethereal and misty—it looks unlike any of Snyder's previous work while still as aesthetically gorgeous; this is a beautiful movie, even (especially?) when blood explodes and dead Earth is crawled over by decay. And wow, is it intense and emotional, almost like a harmonic switching between the two. Bautista and Purnell carry a lot of the film's feeling and they do it quite delicately.

Like many great zombie-works, Army works on a socio-political wavelength too. The way we cage and entrap humans and the total lack of greater national empathy for anyone lost economically and personally—I love the zombie's depiction; they're viciously terrifying and also they feel too.

And of course, Valentine is everything 🙏

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