Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

This time, even more than sun-soaked-memory, I felt the film's frequent reflexivity; shots inspire mirrored movement in other shots, often from the internal meta-movies/TV shows which are then translated into the reality of the characters. More than observable physicality though, are three (primary) bits of major emotion/thematic complexity:

1. DiCaprio's character crying with the realization his life is mirrored in the book he's reading, and that disappointment will come even for children pretending to be otherwise.

2. Robbie as Tate watching the actual Tate in a theater; Robbie's smiles and absorbed joy in watching the actress as genuine and layered as the audience within the movie.

3. The Manson Family discussing their dream of enacting real death unto the actors who fake it.

We all rationalize our every day vignettes into a larger narrative. We process through art and we all just want to drive through nostalgic neon.

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