Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★

+1 star for the impeccable 80s casting.
+1/2 star for Donald Pleasance's machine-gun freakout.
+1/2 star for Adrienne Boob-eau.
+1/3 star for the Duke's lowrider with chandelier accoutrements.
+1/3 star for Lee Van Cleef's earring.
+1/3 star for Ernie Borgnine grinning like a gap-toothed idiot during the drag musical
-1/2 star for Carpenter's Snoozecore synth soundtrack.
-1/2 star for severely undernourished dystopian world-building.
-1 star for Snake Plissken...I thought you were a dud.
= 3 stars

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