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  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    love the way rose’s first encounters in the darkness emulate the fixed perspective shots of the games. twisty turny crane shots up the ass. sean bean stuff remains intensely baffling in its total extraneousness but otherwise, yeah. this owns. love that the mom instantly sides with the demon after the exposition dump. like zero hesitation, sells her soul. i respect that. crazy fucking fx in this movie!! can’t think of any horror with the specific mood this one pulls off.

  • Female Perversions

    Female Perversions


    in a perversion,
    there is no freedom
    only a rigid conformity 
    to a gender stereotype

    “you can learn to be feminine too. it’s not something that comes to you naturally. you gotta work at it. when i was your age, i had the grace of a truck driver. but i trained myself to be feminine and sexy by studying other women. you just gotta practice everyday. you’ll get it. believe me.”


    “you’ve gotta erase yourself. you’ve gotta become, like...…

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  • Dracula



    keanu gets sucked so dry his hair turns white nuff said

  • Taboo



    As a Catholic school survivor I have a fondness for stories of queer desire in oppressive institutions. I also have a terrific compilation of gay samurai stories called Comrade Loves of the Samurai. Violently misogynistic in a Greek kind of way, I'm afraid, but I take queer history where I can find it.

    Gohatto is a tragedy of doomed gay love, and while it's not my favorite approach to the subject, I'm also a bit of a miserabilist. I think…