Possessor ★½

“Pull me out.”

-Me an hour into this posturing slab of meaningless nihilism-

Possessor is just Videodrome, but never for an instant the least bit intriguing. A bunch of warmed over horse manure about the malleability of identity. An exhaustingly familiar and wholly overblown screed about invasive technology and corporate overreach. Ceaselessly mean and violent, but in a way that deadens instead of provokes. Visceral for no real purpose and stylish to no discernible end.

There’s some nice photography and atmospheric sound elements, but there’s also some laughable effects and it’s all pretty flat in terms of production design. This is a film made by a director with something to prove. Unfortunately, all he’s proven himself capable of is assembling a dull, emotionally distant and intellectually disingenuous version of shit his old man was knocking out of the park 35 years ago. 

The biggest problem here is how utterly boring and unlikable all the characters are. How little I cared whether anyone lived or died or achieved any of their objectives. I guess it works on some level as a mood piece, but this sure as fuck ain’t a mood I felt like being in. At least not last night. I dropped $15 for this on a blind buy and honestly can’t comprehend ever being inspired to sit through it again.

The only enjoyment I got out of Possessor was the weak chuckle I had watching the roughly 2,000 different production company logos playing in endless succession before the film started. It took on the surreality of parody the longer it went, which decidedly undermined the super-duper serious vibe they were going for. If you need that many shell companies and tax shelters to scrape together $2 million dollars, why even fucking bother?

I don’t care how much violence, blood and half-hard wieners you throw all over the screen, if you don’t have a compelling theme to contemplate or characters worth giving a shit about, it’s all a waste of time. And that’s exactly what this movie is.

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