Ready Player One ★★★★

This is nothing less than the story of the ongoing war between those who care; genuinely, deeply, truly care about art and pop culture and those who are only it for a fucking buck. It’s also the story of an artist who has spent decades behind the camera, reached the pinnacle of his profession, yet is still absolutely enamoured with the magic of cinema and is always in eager, enthusiastic communication with it. 

I’ve crapped on Spielberg a lot in my life and never fully grasped what most seem to see in his work. But this is a pretty potent achievement, even if it doesn’t go as far as I wanted it to in regards to commenting about how miserable life is for those of us trapped on a dying planet, loosely held together by crumbling social  structures, who have nothing but movies, music and video games to give our existence any direction or meaning. 

But to withhold kudos from this monster of a technological and artistic achievement for not being everything I dreamed it could be is pedantic horseshit. That Spielbergo got that fucking Shining sequence in a PG-13 film is goddamn unbelievable. Kudos.

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