Rope ★★★★

Another cinematic blind spot bites the dust. This is just a goddamn hoot. Hitch working that camera like a fucking surgeon. Sure, there’s some inelegant stitching with the SUPER OBVIOUS transition breaks that disspell a fraction of the momentum the long take conceit is inexorably building, but that’s a negligible quibble really. 

Some rather interesting points to be made about the pretentious and bored bourgeoisie and the courage of their monstrously callous convictions. Christ, if I was stuck at that miserable party I’d probably prefer to be dead in the trunk than talking with all those self important stiffs and catty shrews. 

Mostly though I love Jimmy Stewart strolling in at the half hour mark with his golden cigarette case that holds somewhere in the vicinity of 80 heaters. Just stomping on to the scene, big dick player with his shit swinging past his knees, Jimmy Stewart style. With his immaculate hair and smart suit and dreamboat eyes. What a goddamn pimp.

Anyway...what was I talking about? Oh yeah. More movies should be 80 minutes long.

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