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  • Winter Silence

    Winter Silence


    What a curious little film. While it never gets anywhere near as dark, I’d recommend this to those of you who enjoyed Hagazussa, as while it lacks the weight of the former, it shares a similar sort of glacial pacing, rural Alpine setting, and sparsity of dialogue — I think I could nearly count on one hand how many lines are ever spoken. While it’s not a horror film by any means, it’s nevertheless something that I feel would still appeal to…

  • The Evil Spirit of Yambuy

    The Evil Spirit of Yambuy


    The missing link between Dersu Uzala and Grizzly that I never knew I needed.

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  • Here We Come A-Wassailing

    Here We Come A-Wassailing


    Rarely has any non-fiction yuletide fare felt so close to devolving into a Wicker Man style human sacrifice at literally any moment.

  • Silver Slime

    Silver Slime


    Look, I know there are a fair amount of films and shorts that get called “an homage to gialli”, and a lot of times, that means you get the inclusion of a POV black-gloves-holding-a-razor shot (which this has), maybe a few color gels (which this also has!), but that’ll basically be it. It’ll be missing the dreamy [insert Italian equivalent of je ne sais quoi here] that makes it feel like the director gets it on a primal level. Silver…