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  • The Guilty

    The Guilty


    “Gyllenhaal has always been a character actor with the face of a leading man; films like Nightcrawler endure because of the ugliness we see tucked beneath the actor’s polished exterior. But here the actor chooses to play emotions broadly: Except for a few key sequences, his performance feels at-odds with the chamber elements of the film around him.”

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  • The Wall

    The Wall


    Since my friend and I were the only people in attendance for most of the pre-show, we got to chatting with our server. At one point we asked him his thoughts about the movie and, in a moving display of candor, he explained to us that he is a military veteran - eight years of service - and that he had a really tough time adjusting to civilian life after his discharge. To that end, he apologized to us in…

  • Ninjababy



    “In its best moments, though, Ninjababy echoes the warmth of Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child, another film about an unwanted pregnancy and a romance centered on kindness. Thorp is a revelation, carrying the movie’s weight in her eyes and making even the most manufactured moments of the film feel grounded.”

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