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  • Interface



    Two totally different kinds of movies (a sorta neato proto-techno thriller and a bumbling rom-com) fused into something predictable and often tedious. At no point does this ever not look and feel like the college group project it is, with numerous unfunny gags I’m sure people who knew the crew would find funny, but no one beyond that. At least the leads have chemistry, and those hacker masks are badass. Makes sense that Andy Anderson would cut his teeth with this before embarking on the much more biting and confident Positive I.D.

    Stick with Split for all your 80s DIY techno-terror-comedy needs.

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon


    Nearly everything about this is just...fine. Perfectly adequate in that Flight of Dragons way. It doesn't look as stunning as Frozen II or Moana, but I do think it has a stronger story and better pacing than those (i.e. no one pauses every 15 minutes to sing a song). Fun characters, too. The film really suffers in its numerous bland action scenes, which I didn't find all that engaging.

    With other excellent dragon family fare out there like Disney's own…

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  • Smithereens



    I went into Smithereens knowing nothing about it except that it was an 80's indie with Richard Hell in it. I figured it would be in the vein of Times Square or Ladies & Gentlemen...The Fabulous Stains.

    But Smithereens is a little different, and really got to me. This is a hard-hitting, uncompromising character study of a wannabe punk princess who doesn't end up getting what she wants. It shows the struggling side of the 80s NY art/music world you rarely…

  • Night of the Creeps

    Night of the Creeps


    To any 80's horror fan just discovering this film:

    Read that synopsis.

    You may think, "Wow. A movie that gets all those elements right would have to be one of the best films ever made. Could it really be as fantastic as it sounds? I mean is such an achievement in cinematic perfection possible?"

    The answer to that is,