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  • Speed



    So after having caught this movie on cable countless times, I’ve never actually seeing this movie from beginning to end til this very morning. And right of the get-go, I have to say I was surprised how much of a Keanu Reeves’ vehicle. For some reason I always thought this was a Sandra Bullock/Reeves dual movie, and while the Academy Award winner actress has a substantial role in here, she’s more of a supporting.

    That being said, their chemistry on…

  • Bringing Out the Dead

    Bringing Out the Dead


    Action!: The Gangs Of Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese attempts to both go back to the world of comedy while exploring the realm of horror through the glance of a mid-unhinged Nicolas Cage in what’s certainly the most bizarre, star-studded and expensive spinoff of E.R.

    The glossy cinematography provides the movie with a dreamy vibe which fits very well the psyche of our lead who seems to be caught in the midst of the purgatory as he tries to do his job…

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  • Primer



    Sure.... right.... aha... yeah yeah yeah... I know what you are saying.... totally....

    *Looks back to the imaginary camera and speaks to the audience aka everyone reading this*

    Da fuq?

    But seriously, this movie in many ways reminded to me. You see? I have this lack of skills to resume my thoughts or explain something with little words, so I tend to overly complicate even the simplest of things. And in many ways, I felt and know the premise of…

  • 48 Hrs.

    48 Hrs.


    So I've heard so much about this movie and apparently I've been mistaking this movie with another Eddie Murphy (where the film kicks off with him playing bad ass, trying to stop a bank robbery or something).

    In the grand scheme of buddy cop films, this one was alright. Maybe because I grew up watching family-friendly Murphy, this early R rated movies tend to be very hit and miss for me. That's not to say he wasn't incredible, cause the…