Dead Knot

Dead Knot ★★½

Action! - What Does The Dove Say? Woo Woo Woo Woo!

Before he started releasing his slapstick comedies and martial arts movies, John Woo gave us another avant garde love story.

This time around, the director goes for something much more complex, which ultimately didn't grab my attention as much as his first effort. Don't get me wrong, the camerawork and editing are still interesting, but less impactful than before.

Additionally, the music in his first short played a huge role in the story, as I mentioned in the review yesterday. The music in this case was very nice, but I did not enjoy it. At times it felt more suited for a martial arts film or something much energetic and action-heavy.

All in all, while I preferred his first short to this, but it remains a fascinating look for a director that evolved into something new and different.

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