Forbidden Planet ★★★½

I just love the film actually credited the robot as a cast member... not the voice actor, but the robot itself...

Perhaps one of the greatest landmarks in sci-fi cinema history, almost right of the get-go you could see the footprint of this movie on other films: the whole bridge to the lab reminded me a lot to the whole time room on Interstellar; also you can trace the premise on many other much modern flicks.

The unrecognizable Leslie Nielsen (seriously I thought that was Kirk Douglas!) does an great job as the commander of this spaceship on a quest for another missing spaceship troupe. Walter Pidgeon also does a good job as this crazy and suspicious who might or might not gone mad, capturing on both its acting and its look to the late great Vincent Price.

The technical aspect, especially for the decade, was also pretty groundbreaking (I believe it was nom for the Academy Awards) and for its time, they were really awesome. The whole light beams and the whole monster effect was pretty good, though to be honest, it was a bit laughable as well. But for what it seems like a B-Movie with a budget, its clear they spend the money wisely.

I'm not a big sci-fi buff, so the whole premise in some way with its sci-fi dialogue bored me at times. Also, while for its time the special effects were really good, they weren't good enough for me to actually ignore the fact they look pretty outdated... and again, the whole beast reveal, I would have actually kept it under wraps and not actually reveal it. Also I came with the expectation this was a techno-horror film (courtesy of Tony Magistrale), which really, I wouldn't put it on that category.

All in all, this is a nice piece of sci-fi gem. A nice look into the genesis of the genre in modern times that unfortunately, at times, falls victim of its own ambition.

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