Possessor ★★★★

Well, here's a movie I've been very curious to watch. So before starting, I would like to thank my very own "deep throat" (not sure if source would like to get recognized.) for handle me a link to watch it.

K, now that I have each one of you in suspense, yeah, this movie was bonkers. Coming in, and Brandon being the father of the iconic David Cronenberg, I was expecting something much gruesome and disturbing, and by that I mean some actual body horror, which sadly wasn't the case. Nonetheless, there was actual some real gore and depiction of violence, sometimes shot in such a stylistic way, which made it much interesting.

Speaking of style, boy, talking a film that has a lot of it. Not in big proportions, but it has enough in it for you to actually notice it and enjoy it. The work with the camera was great, though it got to a point the whole thing with the spinning got a bit tiresome and pointless. However, where this element shines the most is on the creepy and flashy dream sequences. The whole thing featuring the mask on the poster was just insane and scary fun, plus it did a good telling us audiences what was going in the scene.

The script is also very good. I haven't seem Face/off nor Self/Less (ok, what are the odds they both have a slash between the words?), where it all deals with this secretive organization that somehow (its never fully explained) gets to implant a chip into some people's mind, and one agent (the titular possessor) using some huge VR helmet gets to connect with the person with the chip (the one being possed) and somewhat manipulate him to commit some nasty business. That whole premise, where thriller, sci-fi and horror come together, was really good and certainly is what will keep you engage.

Last but not least performances are very good. Christopher Abbott keeps proving he's very talent, though after Mia on "Piercing" and now Andrea in this, pale white blondes + him = disaster. Like seriously, stay away. Speaking of Andrea, she was very good though she wasn't given that much to do, but from what she did was quite good. Sean Bean dies. Jennifer Jason Leigh, just like Andrea, wasn't given that much to do but she was pretty good.

All in all, while the film can become tediously slow at times and simply wander around for minutes, thanks to a solid premise, very good direction and performances, this is one everyones needs to watch. Especially horror and sci-fi junkies.

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