Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★½

Action!: The Caps Of Mr. Spielberg

So we've technically reached the end (or should I say, finish line?) of our Spielberg's marathon. I say technically because the man still alive and kicking and West Side Story is ready to go and waiting for mayhem to conclude and get into the theaters. Also I might spend the last few remaining days watching film Spielberg had produced or had his hand on.

With all that being said, in terms of this movie, its perhaps among the best fan servicing movies out there. I guess people tend to hate these types of films, but its kind of hard to do so when the movie itself was designed to appeal to fans with reference galore. In that sense, the movie does a good job utilising many of his IP to often effective degree, one more than the other. The Shining's level is still hands down the best and coolest of them all, with the whole dead woman chasing around as the big bad comes as both intimitating but also fun.

The script per se is nothing that really special, but for what it is and what its going on, its pretty entertaining and as a movie that attempts to recreate the world of video games, the premise does work in various ways with its puzzling nature that allows for a nice mystery I was happy to go along and unfold.

Performances are also fine, though many of it feels a bit cartoonish and leans more towards the kid-friendly and the 90s vibe as Spielberg sticks to what I like to call his Anblin sensibilities. Ben did a good job chewing the scenery, Tye was nice as well as Olivia, though many of the supporting cast and small cameos were at times even much better.

All in all, with some great technical work, sense of fun and decent story, this is a movie that gamers and people just looking for some mindless fun might enjoy.

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