Shoot the Piano Player

Shoot the Piano Player ★★★½

When a classical pianist player working in a bar on Paris decides to help his brother escape from some gangsters, he will find himself inadvertently dragged into the chaos and is forced to rejoin the family he once fled.

A film that has inspired a wide range of people, from a film "The Truth About Charlie" to an Elton John album - Truffaut's outing into the Thriller genre is far from being perfect, but its definitely interesting and often doesn't shy away from violence. His camera work has the level of flow the French New Wave was known for, and the cinematography was also very good.

The acting are very good, Charles Aznavour as the titular pianist. He played it as a character trapped in both an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but also a film noir, especially in regards to the way the character of Charlie was written, it was almost something that came out of a Raymond Chandler.

Unfortunately for me, many of the signature elements from the French New Wave like the overuse of voice over and some of the often experimental approach from the movement, personally didn't work for me and hurt my viewing experience.

All in all, while it comes with its flaws, Truffaut still proves to be a master on his craft with a pretty kinetic and thrilling ride about how far would you go to help the family.

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