Villains ★★★½

I remember not too long ago a group of people here on the platform started to review this movie. Until today when I finally saw the movie, I didn't even know what it was about, I only knew that Monroe and Skarsgard starred in it and the poster was really great.

And indeed, the poster although not very descriptive and revealing of the premise of the movie, perfectly captures in a nutshell the style of the film in terms of direction and cinematography. Essentially, this is a film with a fairly familiar premise and a somewhat forced tension, but thanks to its incredible camerawork and aesthetics, it stands out and is likely to stay with those who watch it.

As for the story, basically we have the story of a couple of young thieves who, after robbing a gas station, are stranded on the street after their cars fail to start. As they look for help, they arrive at a seemingly abandoned house where they find to their surprise a little girl chained to the wall on the basement and let's just say things will go from bad to worse. Each of the actors get a chance to shine, Maika and Bill thanks to their chemistry and humor, while Kyra and Donovan are great as this somewhat peculiar and disturbed husband and wife couple who evoke a feeling of almost being trapped in some surreal nightmare. The only person I didn't like was the little girl who only seems to exist to get everyone in trouble. It gets to a point where her presence is very frustrating.

All in all, as a thriller and as a quirky dark comedy, this is a film that deserves attention from fans of both genres.

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