Zappa ★★★★

A glimpse into the mind and life of a true musical mad genius. Zappa has always been a character that has sparked my interest. In a time where so many musicians seems to be experimenting, he was at the forefront. Going through his work, you could appreciate he always did it to satisfy his own musical desires rather than somebody's else to the point he was one of the first that left a big label to create his own and actually succeeded.

That being said, the few things I get to listen here didn't fully convince me and I wouldn't say I've become a fan. This is, at least for me, a perfect case of a man whose life was vastly more interesting than his artistic work - though some of his latter orchestral work were kinda neat as well as some of his covers.

All in all, a must watch documentary both for those who are into this man's music as well as those who don't.

Also.... am I the only who thinks Foxy Shazam is a sorta reincarnation of Frank Zappa? Or at least an imitator?

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