Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★½

And me thinking A Royal Baby had a shameless level of Meta humor.

The squad are back... sorta. For most of its runtime they are only three. But the point its that the film that somehow helped reinvent the zombie horror subgenre is back with a sequel... 10 years later.

The original cast are pretty good. The dynamic between Eisenberg and Harrelson is among the best of the film. Deutch is so great as this bimbo, her initial dimise caught me by surprise. Like I mentioned on the first paragraph, most of the humor is built upon winks and easter eggs to the first film or other products within and outside the genre (hint: walking dead).

Sadly, even though this sequel tries to move away from its predecessor with some new ideas, these don't really get fleshed out. Namely the new types of zombies, I feel they were so misused. If there's a third installment, I really hope they actually get to explore this more as that was among the most interesting element of the whole feature. Aside from this, it feels a bit too redundant at times.

All in all, a nice film that falls and gets short out of its own ambition. Nevertheless, it worths a watch.

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