The Silencing ★★★

Extremely by the numbers moody Midwestern neo-noir. The rookie rural county sheriff and her old guard reservation counterpart have a thorny relationship and jurisdctional issues, deep dark histories and complicated relationships in a small town where secrets are rare, the local crime lord just happens to be indigenous with a white clientele, sensible utilitarian coats and all the flannel that LL Bean’s got, a man’s dog saves the day, gorgeously bleak scenery to cut to when one of our characters confronts a ghost from their past, and hunting fights galore. You want tropes? You’ve come to the right spot.

Even with the violence and tension the parts that aren’t are very contemplative with lots of regrets new and old and long quiet parts where you really do need to be prepared to pay attention to at home because it is the type of movie you can easily zone out during certain lulls in the momentum of the plot, and for me those were the best parts along with the ending which a noir film must pull off to be enjoyed. Add to that everyone is corrupt and you’ve got an enjoyable genre film that is serviceable enough to scratch that itch especially if that itch comes from wool undergarments, a rash you picked up in the woods, or a burly bear beard.

Doggo Dad Bonus Tip: If you have dog, mine got very excited during this one because of lots of scenes with animals in varied stages of life and tension on screen so if yours is like mine be prepared for that. 🐶