Suspiria ★★★★½

Strong and powerful movie. Even if there's a questionable subplot, it just wasn't scary but it was so much more than a horror film. The movie does a great job of telling you exactly what's happening without spoiling. The political atmosphere was a nice touch in scenes. Therefore the color palate was literally muted and gloomy which was also nice touch. I really did like the film. Definitely, it's worth the wait and I found what I expected as a remake of Suspiria. The acting was solid, the direction was strong for all scenes. The score was haunting and successful which was reflecting the atmosphere and the story. There were also incredible visuals and make-up arts in some parts. The choreography, the grotesque horror scenes were amazing. As for acting, Tilda Swanson and Mia Goth were fantastic and Dakota Johnson was also good which I wasn't expected such a good Susie Bannion acting from her. Finally, I really loved the twist at the end. Suspiria (2018) had everything I wanted it to be and more. It was beautiful and horrific and disturbing and sad. As a horror movie, it's not for everyone, but I'm willing to see it again.