Possessor ★★★★½


"Pull me out."

Style as substance. Daddy is probably very proud. I think Brandon has the potential to be his own filmmaker but he certainly is inspired by his father's own obsessions. That's not a bad thing! This little world built by Brandon was very interesting, and honestly refreshing compared to most films out there. Despite this year being very lacking of blockbusters, this has been a really good year for smaller films! I'm trying to pad my 2020 list, and see as much as I can, but I can tell you I really don't miss explosive CGI fests. Fuck, Marvel didn't release anything this year, and you know what? That's really great. Like I care if they lost a few billion dollars. I've checked out my fair share of films released this year, and I can tell you some of them will be sticking with me for a while. I certainly will seek a copy of this film, and I don't see a good reason why this can't be a spooky season regular. This is a blood-fueled, ultra-violent nightmare that also contains an eye-popping Sean Bean scene. This is not for everyone, though, as it's a slow burn but wonderfully directed by Brandon Cronenberg who takes his time to slowly drag us down into this nightmare.

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