Spencer ★★★★★


"In this house, everyone can hear everything."

To my surprise, this was in between being a full-on ghost story in the vein of The Shining and something resembling that of a nice, warm biopic you can probably throw on anytime, which probably makes this far more conventional than it really is.

But the mission couldn't have been any more clearer as sure as it opens, as we find ourselves with Princess Diana (Kristen Stewart) trying to find her way to Sandringham Estate for Christmas. It's not about her ascend nor her descend (some might find this debatable), but rather to find the human behind the title of Princess of Wales. The irony of her not being able to recognize where she grew up in at first wasn't lost on me, and once she finally finds and enters the said estate, the film also changes as if we had come into the Overlook Hotel. Whatever normalcy there is to be found when Diana is able to be with her children as well as her friendship with Maggie (Sally Hawkins), and these moments of normalcy truly stand out as we strive for Diana to be freed from her burdensome royal duties. Much like Pablo Larraín did with Jackie, he attempts to get past our image of Diana and find the human behind it, and he does that successfully with a career-best Kristen Stewart. Seriously, she's never been better, and she already has a couple all-time performances in my book. If this doesn't prove to you that she's currently one of the best working today, then I don't know what will. I loved this for how truly unsettling this got, as it surprisingly has more in common with The Shining, but at the same time, it was a fairly accessible yet very well done biopic with breathtaking images you'll never forget with memorable performances across the board as Diana attempts to free herself of her obligations. It's a beautiful picture no one should miss.

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