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  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    It's unfotunate that this was Bruce Lee's final movie before his death...being that this would go on to break box office records and become one of the more famous and influential martial arts films, certainly of the era. However, it's impossible to know how much of its success was due to the publicity surrounding Lee's death and how much is due to the actual movie itself. There are definitely some points in the movie that are messy and the plot…

  • Far and Away

    Far and Away


    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one, which is maybe one of Ron Howard's lesser known works. There is some good chemistry between Cruise and Kidman - the pair had previously been in Days of Thunder and obviously would work together more famously in Eyes Wide Shut, so they know how to work scenes with each other. The story is pretty ridiculous and relies on a lot of cliches and chance encounters - the wild west scenes were especially zany, but I still enjoyed watching it play out.

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  • Chinatown



    Is this a perfect movie?

  • Run Boy Run

    Run Boy Run


    A devastating look at the drastic measures that Jewish people had to undertake to survive during the Hitler regime. The story follows a brave young Jewish boy on the run in Poland who is left to fend for himself while evading Nazi soldiers, and finding what solace he can from various compassionate people he meets along the way. I like how the film highlights the Polish farmers and villagers who were willing to risk their own lives to do what they knew was right by helping this poor child, showing that even in the worst of times there are people who will do good.