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  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    Convincing approach to trauma as moving as Lake Mungo in more than a way. It's not about the twist and the scares, it's about using images to understand the pain of a wretched woman, closing in on her mind not just by putting the viewer in her eyes (although a trick not as simple as it sounds), but by keeping them next to her. The inside/outside parallels switch between physical and psychological with timely accuracy, aiming more at De Palma…

  • Leopardi



    As always when it comes to a content dear to me I entered with many doubts and tame curiosity, and the first impression was not that good honestly. Early in the film I was finding some stiffness in the acting, but then I got used to the voices and the movement, accepting them in the context Martone places everything. Eventually, I couldn't resist it, but I'd lie if I say much of my interest was there because one of my favourite poets was on the screen.

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  • The Unchanging Sea

    The Unchanging Sea


    How can you film longing for somebody combined with the idea and (at the same time!) the actual fact of time going by? Don't worry, Griffith already did it.

  • Cats



    One of the most visually daring films I've seen in recent years, this is also a marvellous experiment in giving up narrative clues for the sake of trying new forms of story-telling. It doesn't care about the comfortable position of the viewer. Instead, it keeps pushing and pushing them outside the boundaries they are accustomed to while ignoring their pride. No wonder most were repelled, there is almost nothing here of the cinema we have been used to in the…