Ready Player One ★★★★½

Admittedly, the first time I was just too biased by how low my opinion on the book had turned out to be after the initial good impressions I had had. Then I woke up early this morning with the urge of giving this another try. Bad dreams, you know the deal.

Visually and maybe rhythmically this is the closest thing we have to the still unsurpassed Speed Racer. The thrill is almost the same, although the Wachowskis manage to do it "only" with car-racing.

Spielberg keeps the pop culture references at bay, or at least to a less obnoxious degree than what the book does, and this is only for the best.

Just like the book, if I let myself go along with the events I can reach the end and claim I enjoyed the ride. Maybe Spielberg's take will last with me longer than those already forgotten pages.

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