Ready Player One ★★★★★

It grows on me:

- The short-circuit cinema-animation-game is so impressive. Fictional characters, played by humans (actors), watching videos of real humans (actors again). Real life staged in a staged life. The boundaries of what's real and what's not disappear.

- CGI serving to enhance the powers of cinema through impossible means. That's why Gantz O was gorgeous. Tsui Hark has been following this dream for years, only recently mastering it like the true visionary he is. Same with George Lucas. And now, Spielberg is paving new roads, new connections. Cinema as a blender of everything around it, like it has always been, only clearer than ever.

- If something good from the book stayed with me, probably the only thing to be honest, is the escalation of events leading to the epic battle. The pure frenetic feeling of adventure that Spielberg knows so well. And in this regard, Ready Player One is my favourite of his.

- And then the rest: friendship, addiction, power, control, love, wonder, imagination, freedom. This is the usual, but it works, and it's much needed in a time of blockbusters without life.

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