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Fascinated by the darkness that lurks beyond the diaphanous facades of the American psyche, his alluring nightmares oscillate between beauty and chaos, collectively forming an ecstatic body of work unlike anything else in cinema.

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Achingly romantic and dazzling, Jacques Demy’s enchanting classic is a movie musical for the ages and a sight to behold. Accomplished filmmaking, bold colors, and its continuously sung score by Michel Legrand won the film the Palme d’Or, and launched the career of Catherine Deneuve.

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Lynne Ramsay’s magnificent, impressionistic debut tells a haunting coming-of-age story tuned to her distinct frequency of poetic social realism. Set against a gloomy backdrop of 1970s Glasgow, we see the world through the eyes of a child: beautiful, painful and shot through with devastating humor.

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This rich character study defies the conventions of the thriller while delivering a deeply satisfying experience for genre fans. With daring sound design and impeccable performances by Emmanuelle Devos and Vincent Cassel, Read My Lips is a gripping entry in Jacques Audiard’s (A Prophet) oeuvre.

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In Jacques Demy’s first feature film, the spellbinding Anouk Aimée plays Lola, wistful yet sparkling, framed by the beautiful and melancholic imagery of Raoul Coutard and dancing to the music of Michel Legrand. It conveys the spirit of the early French New Wave and the graceful cinema of Max Ophüls.

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The winner of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or, Titane is a thrillingly confident vision from Julia Ducournau that deposits the viewer directly into its director’s headspace. Moving with the logic of a dream—and often the force of a nightmare—the film begins as a kind of horror movie, with a series of shocking events perpetrated by Alexia (Agathe Rouselle, in a dynamic and daring breakthrough), a dancer with a titanium plate in her skull following a childhood car…

Citizen Kane, Hiroshima, mon amour, 400 Blows: rare first films that seem to come to us fully formed, of shocking vision and freshness. The dizzyingly romantic debut film of Léos Carax is just that—the birth of a radically new cinema that was sensitive to the old yet embarks on its own unique path.

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Luminary Pedro Costa’s unique, collaborative style of portraiture reaches a magnificent peak in Vitalina Varela. Amongst haunting chiaroscuro compositions, Varela’s real-life stories of love, migration, and deceit take the form of bewitching incantations—and earned her Locarno’s Best Actress award!

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2nd time watching this film at the theater and thinking about a 3rd. That should tell you what I think of it.